Don't discard your comfortable shoes!

We can repair and or refurbish your favorite shoes for much less than a new pair.

Edmonton Shoe Repair at the Northgate Mall offers a wide range of expert shoe repair and shoe refurbishing services, including Shoe and Boot Stretching.

  • 1/2 Soles and Full Soles in both leather and composite (man-made) materials
  • Heels - executive lift - 1/4", 1/2" and full heels
  • Heel backs
  • Heel seats
  • Insoles
  • Stretching - length, width
  • Sanding and buffing
  • Shoe protection and sole covers; executive anti-slip soles
  • We can clean, polish, dye and even "paint" your shoes to give them a just like new look. 
  • Our cleaning is thorough using saddle soap and we can strip the uppers down with a de-glazing and reapply new polish to get your shoes looking new again.

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Shoe buffer














Cutting a soling sheet.









Outsole stitching.




Press on sole




Pressing on a new sole.





Shoe stretching


Shoe Stretching

Shoes or boots too tight? Sometimes shoes or boots shrink, feet swell, corns or bunions cause pain, or other foot imperfections cause our shoes to hurt. Our stretching machine can expand your shoes both in width and length, making them more comfortable.

Shoes or boots that hurt you feet can make you feel miserable. Come in today and well take a look at your problem and find a solution to make your shoes more comfortable for you.





Professional Shoe Services

Abel Danger Buckles

Abel Danger Buckles are Pewter Alloy
with rope border.   $39.95.